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Welcome to Legal X

Welcome to Legal X

A Complete External Counsel Management Platform for all your Legal needs  

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The Big Solution

External counsel management platforms that helps processing of securitized lending transactions  faster and allows automatic synchronization of information to avoid duplication and increase accuracy as well as allows measuring performance of external counsel.

Key Features

Matter Management

Designed specifically for in-house legal teams in banks, insurance companies, and the attorney general's office, Legal X offers a centralized system of record and approval workflows, eliminating time-consuming administrative tasks and manual approvals.

Contract Repository & Lifecycle Management

Legal X provides a comprehensive contract repository with automation features, streamlining the entire contract process for organisations dealing with numerous litigation and securitization matters handled by outside counsel in Africa.

E-Billing and External Counsel Management

Legal X helps legal teams manage e-billing and spending on outside counsel, improving transparency and reducing costs for organisations with large legal departments.

Knowledge & Document Management

Legal X offers a knowledge base and document management system, allowing teams to store, access, and share legal articles, documents, and opinions, reducing the need for outsourcing.

Analytics & Reporting

Legal X provides data-backed insights into outside counsel spending and law firm performance, empowering legal teams in banks, insurance companies, and the attorney general's office to make informed decisions.

Technology Architecture

How it works

For more information on how Legal X can help your in-house legal team, please contact us today. Our team is available to answer any questions and provide a personalized demonstration of our platform.


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